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Welcome to Tough Tech FR

We offer durable and comfortable flame resistant (FR) safety clothing, including coveralls, shirts and hoodies, for the ultimate protection against injury caused by flash fire, electric arc flash, sparks, hot coals or molten substances.

Why choose Tough Tech FR for all your flame resistant apparel needs?

  • Short turn-around times. We stock many of the most common items and usually ship within 2-3 days. Custom work and delivery times are minimal.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed. Our team is dedicated to providing the best quality, shortest lead times and fastest delivery to your corporate or remote field locations.

Let Tough Tech FR supply you with the best flame resistant work wear available today. As your safety clothing partner, you can rest easy knowing Master Industrial has you covered (and protected) every step of the way!

For a no-obligation quote or to place your order, contact our friendly customer care staff:

Toll-Free: (800) 469-4399 or By Email